Registration Reminder: Oct 1 Deadline

Remember: register by Oct 1!

For our “In the Light of Gloriana Conference”, registration closes on 1 October 2016 due to the Historic Royal Palace policy of having a comprehensive delegate list compiled and the invoices paid by this point prior to the event.

There will be no late or on-site registration options.

Please note that cancellations after 15 September 2016 will not receive any refund. Any cancellations before that date will receive a partial refund.


AHRC Funded PhD Studentship: ‘Redeeming Death’: Mortality, Portraiture, and the Quest for Salvation in Tudor England and Wales

An AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership studentship at the National Portrait Gallery in London might be of interest to our doctoral student members. Deadline April 30.

The National Portrait Gallery London and the College of Arts and Humanities at Swansea University are inviting applications for an AHRC-funded PhD studentship for three years from 1 October 2016. The project will take the National Portrait Gallery’s unique collection of Tudor portraits as its key source for investigating sixteenth-century responses to mortality, self-fashioning as reflected in Elizabethan portraiture, and their relation to theological precepts and spiritual coping strategies developed in the context of the English Reformation. The project will be innovative in its interdisciplinary approach, and by its potential for transnational comparison within Christian Europe. The visual evidence will be studied in conjunction with a variety of literary sources primarily from the Gallery’s Heinz archive and library and Swansea University’s library and collections. While pursuing his/her own original line of inquiry, the student will be encouraged to engage with an agreed set of research questions to explore the subject in its historical and art historical context.

The candidate will be supervised jointly by Dr Regina Pörtner, Department of History, Swansea University, and Dr Tarnya Cooper, Curatorial Director at the National Portrait Gallery. The successful student should expect to spend extended periods of Years 1 and 2 at the National Portrait Gallery. He/she will be integrated into, and supported by, the research community at the NPG, and be part of the UK-wide CDP scheme which provides opportunities for networking, dissemination, and advanced research training. The student will benefit from dedicated postgraduate and curatorial training programs that will equip her/him with the requisite research skills for this project, and provide valuable experience in heritage sector work.

For more information, see the online announcement.

Privy Council: deadline extended to March 27

Due to spreading awareness and continued  interest, we have extended the deadline for one week. Get your applications or nominations in by March 27!

Delighted to announce our new initiative: the Gloriana Society Privy Council! A great opportunity to develop skills, build network contacts and looks great on CVs while furthering the Society’s outreach. Please share with your colleagues, postgraduates (PhDs, Post-Docs, ECRs) and institution. Deadline extended to March 27! See the link for a .pdf of more information! GS Privy Council GS Privy Council .pdf

Privy Council: deadline March 20

Delighted to announce our new initiative: the Gloriana Society Privy Council! A great opportunity to develop skills, build network contacts and looks great on CVs while furthering the Society’s outreach. Please share with your colleagues, postgraduates (PhDs, Post-Docs, ECRs) and institution. Deadline: 20 March! See the link for a .pdf of more information! GS Privy Council GS Privy Council .pdf

News about one of our conference keynote speakers!

As seen on our Facebook page!

“Congratulations to Dr John Cooper, who has been appointed Honorary Historical Consultant to the Royal Armouries. Originating in the reign of Henry VIII, the Royal Armouries Museum houses the national collection of arms and armour. Now based in Leeds, the Royal Armouries was historically located at the Tower of London, where John will be giving a lecture for the ‘In the Light of Gloriana’ conference, sponsored by the department, on November 20.”

John Dee exhibit opening in London on January 18

The Royal College of Physicians in Regents Park, London, will have an exhibit opening January 18 (running until July 29) on the personal library of John Dee, a mathematician, magician, astronomer, astrologer, and alchemist  in the service of Queen Elizabeth I. Many of Dee’s books and other possessions were scattered to various owners, for which reason the RCP’s exhibit includes loans from the Science Museum, the British Museum, and the Wellcome Collection. It is FREE to attend the exhibit. [Update: see the RCP’s new post on the exhibit, including a PDF of Dee’s books]

John Dee was born in Tower Ward, in London, educated at Cambridge, and turned down a readership position at Oxford. He attempted to get Queen Mary I to begin a national library in 1556, but his efforts failed. Instead, he began building up a massive library at his house in Mortlake, which became the greatest in England. He advised Elizabeth I and her secretary William Cecil in astrological (choosing Elizabeth’s coronation date) and scientific matters, and imperial exploration. Dee’s later life was one of increasing hardship, as his library and home were vandalized while he was abroad in Europe for six years (1583-89) and he faced lessening support and influence at the English court. Elizabeth’s successor, King James I, did not provide him with any financial support, so Dee became impoverished, having to sell off parts of his estate and belongings to support himself and his daughter Katherine until his death in late 1608 or early 1609 at the age of 82.

For more information on the Royal College of Physicians exhibit, see excellent write-up in Culture 24, which includes some of the images found below.

John Dee continues to inspire and excite imaginations. More information on the Glindoni painting “John Dee Performing and Experiment before Elizabeth I” [image below] at the Wellcome Library can be found here. A John Dee Manchester festival opera (2011) interview can be found here. The NSA in America even had a publication written by Dr. Leslie Rutledge on John Dee as an early government consultant. Finally, Dee has been depicted in the movie Elizabeth: the Golden Age (2007) by David Threlfall; and he has appeared as a literary character in Michael Scott’s 2007-2012 series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel and in Deborah Harkness’s Shadow of Night (2012) from her All Souls Trilogy.


Tower of London, Queen’s House: Interesting Conservation Work

Since we have partnered with the Tower of London to host our inaugural conference to be held in November 2016. We would love to share the amazing work that is occurring at the Tower of London. Please check out their latest blog on their conservation work in the Queen’s House, where “witchmarks”, symbols and relics were discovered!!